A Healthy Change in the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry is thriving in technology adoption, with a widespread shift from paper-based files to digital records. A recent strategic initiative, through a technology called desktop virtualization, provides the industry with a quick and secure access from virtualized desktop PCs to any device at any location.

The adoption rate of desktop virtualization in the US healthcare industry is on the rise from 35% in 2011 and 52% in 2014, to an expected 65% by 2016. With the industry’s transformative potential through desktop virtualization, the healthcare landscape is really changing, the healthy way.

Using virtual desktops for healthcare organizations saves time, boosts productivity, and improves on security. Based on healthcare system case studies, desktop virtualization cuts down login time from 45 minutes to just 3-5 minutes, and takes only 7 seconds to reconnect to a virtual desktop account. As a healthcare professional moves from one exam room to another, he can move his virtual desktop as well either via a mobile device (like a tablet) or to thin client terminals at each room. Patient information entered onto these virtual desktops is then instantaneously stored on a centralized digital infrastructure, making it easy to secure.

Implementing desktop virtualization also provides a significant financial impact, with $14.3 million in discounted benefits over 5 years and a 338% ROI.


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