A High-Octane Partnership


Chevron Philippines and PLDT ALPHA Enterprise

Caltex has a long and storied history in the Philippines, one of the first oil companies to set up shop in the islands in 1917. Under the umbrella brand of Chevron, their competitive edge continues to be driven by innovation in lubricants and fuels. Caltex offers the best product inventories due to its affiliations with Texaco and Chevron, its parent companies. But it’s also the friendly service experienced in Caltex’s nationwide network of stations that makes it a clear Filipino favorite.

However for Chevron to keep operating at its usual high standards, an equally high standard of communications is required. As Mark C. Quebral, Chevron’s Human Resources Manager for the region, said: “We just have a lot of communication needs. As we are everywhere in the country, so we need communication everywhere as well. Chevron has over 800 service stations and 16 terminals nationwide, and we heavily use voice and data communication from leased lines and mobile communications to coordinate them.”

PLDT ALPHA Enterprise’s Netcast Solution, powered by SMART, is a web-based corporate messaging suite. It is particularly important to Chevron in a deregulated market. Mr. Quebral explained: “It’s important for us to get accurate and on-time market information, particularly in areas with competitive pressure. So, as you can see, it is very important to have reliable communications.”

The Fuel of Modernisation

He noted that a modernising society relies heavily on fuel and demand for it can get intense. “If a certain area suddenly loses fuel, then everyone howls,” he pointed out. “So one of the things our logistics group does is ensure timely deliveries.” Chevron also extensively uses Netcast for business continuity. “If a region is flooded, or a bridge goes out? We issue CPI advisories using the Netcast system.”

Chevron’s communication needs meet its far-flung and consistent prescence. Considering this reality, they switched from their carrier to SMART precisely because of SMART’s overall reach and coverage. “We are with SMART because SMART is strong everywhere, in both urban and countryside areas, and that’s important to us,” said Mr. Quebral. SMART’s reliable service extends even beyond the Philippines. Chevron – which was named the 16th largest public company in the world by Forbes in 2011 – makes liberal use of SMART’s partnerships with telcos all over the world.

“We have a lot of employees with regional functions, so they travel a lot. And that makes SMART’s partnerships with other telcos so important. For example, I often have to travel to Australia and it’s important for me to have data and voice connectivity,” Mr. Quebral explained. And a SMART connection ensures that as soon as travelers like Mr. Quebral disembark from their planes, their SIM cards are already receiving full SMART signals from partners.

It’s this partnership between PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and Chevron, both leaders in their respective fields, which allows the Philippines to experience the best of Caltex service and products. “PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and our partnership is helping Chevron run our business,” Mr. Quebral declared. As Mr. Jovy Hernandez, head of PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, said during the contract-signing between the two companies, “We at PLDT ALPHA Enterprise are pleased and priveleged to be Chevron’s telecommunications partner, and we will endeavor to give them the best-in-class communications and ITC support they require for their extensive operations.”

And PLDT ALPHA Enterprise along with Chevron Philippines will continue to help fuel the country’s continuously modernising future.

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