About Us

PLDT’s corporate business group, PLDT ALPHA Enterprise is the preferred and trusted ICT partner of Tier-1 enterprises in the country. Focused on Changing the Way You Do Business, we deliver solutions that adapt to the evolving ICT needs, environments, and markets of enterprises, utilizing digital technologies to optimize efficiency, productivity, and enhance the customer experience.

Leveraging on PLDT’s unmatched network, world-class expertise, and infrastructure, PLDT ALPHA Enterprise continues to empower its customers with pioneering and innovative solutions to help them navigate paradigm shifts and remain competitive on the global stage.

Voice | Broadband | Data Center | Cloud | Managed IT | Wireless | Big Data

The ALPHA Vision

To be the trusted expert end-to-end ICT partner and thought leader of the enterprise market

The ALPHA Mission

We are committed to nurturing customer relationships, providing unique and valuable insights, and delivering innovative solutions that generate positive business impact for our customers, enabling them to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

ALPHA Values


We are resourceful, able to adapt to change and respond to customers’ requirements with urgency.


We will demonstrate and uphold the highest standards of sound moral and ethical principles, honor and truthfulness in dealing with our customers and co-workers.


We will provide for the diverse needs of our market, delivering tailor-fit solutions to address specific business and industry requirements with attention to detail.


Motivated by the value we deliver, we will proactively lead customer interactions, continuously raising the standards for quality and excellence.


Knowing that each individual contributes to a team’s success, we will always strive to improve employee capability and competency, collaborating to achieve our goals within an environment that fosters camaraderie, mutual respect, and high quality of life.


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