ePLDT Big Data Platform as a Service

The PLDT Group is the largest operator of Big Data and real-time analytics in the Philippines. With over 70 million subscribers, the group and its subsidiaries analyze Big Data on a daily basis, leveraging its own in-house talent of data processing engineers, data scientists, and analytics experts. They are also the pioneering ASEAN member of the Open Data Platform with access to global expertise and best practices.

ePLDT Big Data Platform as a Service is an end-to-end solution that intelligently extracts structured and unstructured enterprise data and transform it into actionable insights to drive business innovation. This managed analytics service includes: big data strategy consulting, data exploration, systems implementation, and infrastructure management.

Expert Consulting

PLDT’s Big Data experts will work with your organization, utilizing a global-standard consulting framework to formulate a bespoke strategy, suited to your own unique situation.

Managed Platforms

This subscription-based offering is designed to address the demands of data-driven enterprises for faster and easier Big Data systems implementation and infrastructure management.

Breakthrough Insights

Combine your existing business data with the rich data assets of the PLDT Group for smarter market research, effective location-based insights, highly engaging data-driven customer campaigns, and more streamlined organizational operations.


Transform data into
actionable insights.


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