Blackberry Enterprise Mobility

Best-in-class enterprise mobility management

The Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suite of mobility and productivity solutions is ideal for highly connected mobile enterprises that need utmost reliability and security.


BES12 serves as the command and control center for highly secure mobile enterprises. The core of the EMM suite can be used to manage various devices and applications from a unified, easy to use console.


  • Balanced Work and Personal Usage
    Users can separate content and applications for work or personal use. They may also access different office productivity tools and applications such as enterprise email and protocol-independent multicast (PIM), web browsing, as well as document viewing and editing. Other feature-rich work applications offer AES-256-bit enterprise connectivity and encryption.
  • Multi-Platform Application Access and Management
    You can securely access, deploy, and manage public and corporate applications, including behind-the-firewall apps and data, dashboards, and reports, all from a single console. 
  • Flexibility
    Enterprise mobility management is delivered on both on-premise and cloud-based platforms, as well as across Blackberry, iOS, Android, and Windows devices and ownership models.

The Blackberry Communication Bundle offers enterprise-grade solutions for enhanced productivity and better mobile collaboration.

a. BBM Meetings
BBM Meetings allows professionals to schedule, host, and participate in virtual meetings. This collaboration app features an easy-to-use web interface for an optimized end user experience.


  • Meetings Just a Click Away
    With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can instantly turn your personal chat, conference, or voice call into a live BBM Meeting. For desktop use, meetings can be scheduled via Microsoft Outlook.
  • Simplified Meeting Process
    Any invited user can immediately join a meeting by simply answering the call. There’s no need for login IDs, passcodes, and PINs.
  • Presentations On the Go
    Users may virtually present, participate, and even comment on discussions anywhere they are, using any device.
  • All in One
    Aside from the standard meeting features, you may access your own IT Admin Console for statistics, analytics, and reporting. It also directs you to Blackberry Technical Support Services.

b. BBM Protected

BBM Protected offers renowned speed, reliability, and privacy for more effective communication, seamless collaboration, and informed decision-making. It also provides advanced enterprise-grade security for corporate assets.


  • End-to-End Message Encryption
    Best-in-class security is ensured through three encryption layers for BBM messages, hardware, software, and applications.
  • Boost Workforce Productivity
    You can communicate and collaborate with all internal or external users without any server issues.
  • Cross-Compatible Application
    You can manage the application in a multi-OS environment that supports Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices.

WatchDox is a secure file-sharing platform that enables enterprises to access, sync, and exchange documents over any desktop or mobile device.


  • Control and Security Guaranteed
    You get essential security and advanced digital rights management (DRM) for document circulation. As a user, you exercise full control over files, even after downloading or sharing with third parties.
Mobile App Security Needs WatchDox by Blackberry Mobile App
Document Encryption Documents are protected with unique standards based on the AES-256 key
Document Controls Documents have pre-set controls such as watermarks
Document Tracking Document user activities are regularly monitored
Application Passcode Application passcode is centrally enforced
Flexible Authentication Options The application integrates user authentication systems such as One Time Passcode, Active Directory, SSO, etc.
Protection Against Jail Broken Devices Security checks are programmed not to run on untrusted jail broken devices
Separate and Distinct Key Chains The application’s key chain prevents back-up to consumer cloud services
Remote Wipe of Documents “Wipe and Disable” command wipes and disables access to documents on devices

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