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PLDT Broadband enterprise clients can now enjoy an enhanced Internet experience with a suite of web performance, web security, and media delivery solutions from PLDT’s strategic partner Akamai, a global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services.

Akamai’s CDN solutions ensure enterprises can consistently deliver high-quality and secure web experiences to their customers. Now, enterprises can solidify their web presence with Akamai’s CDN capabilities, coupled with PLDT’s reliable, high-speed broadband solutions. With these, you can elevate your end customer’s web experience, wherever they are, and with whatever device they use.


Web Performance:

Akamai provides a consistent and optimized high-performing web experience. It ensures high-quality, high-speed content delivery across end-user devices, locations, browsers, and networks.

  • Ion – The first and only situational performance solution, Ion is a tightly-integrated suite of scale, performance, and intelligence technologies essential for real-time web experience optimization across the web and even through mobile.
  • Dynamic Site Accelerator – This speeds up performance for highly interactive websites, helping it scale immediately to easily address sudden web traffic needs.

Web Security

Akamai combines automated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation with a highly-scalable Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect websites from a growing range of external attacks. The system, built on the globally-distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, keeps transactions, identities, and data quality safe and upholds enterprises’ network integrity.

  • Kona Site Defender – It deflects all types of DDoS, web application, and direct-to-origin attacks, and is deployed across Akamai’s 20,000-strong server network. The optional Akamai FastDNS solution also mitigates attacks on Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure.
  • Kona DDoS Defender – The Kona DDoS Defender deflects DDoS Attacks at the edge of the Akamai Network even before it reaches applications. This cloud-based solution is hosted on Akamai’s network, and securely serves cached versions of content from servers that are nearest any given customer.
  • Kona Web Application Firewall – The solution inspects every HTTP and HTTPS request before serving it, finding and blocking web security threats far from the data center. It lets companies customize the defense perimeter for each online environment being protected, and works via implementation of network- and application-layer controls.

Media Delivery

Akamai’s Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming discerns the network type and device of each individual customer accessing the content. This ensures a high-quality viewing experience across different network types and connection speeds.

  • Adaptive Media Delivery – Optimized for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming to provide a consistent, high-quality viewing experience across the broad variety of network types—fixed or mobile—and at varying connection speeds.
  • Download Delivery – This reliable, high performance content delivery solution is optimized to deliver files over 100MB via the Internet. Built for superior capacity, scalability, availability, and performance, it provides clear, comprehensive metrics and optional tools that can monitor and manage the entire download process across your customer base.

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