Dedicated Internet Access Service

PLDT’s Dedicated Internet Access Service (or iGate) provides premium, high-speed, and reliable managed connectivity to the global Internet. With a data transfer capacity of 366Gbps and growing, PLDT offers you the most powerful and most extensive broadband network in the country – guaranteed to support your mission-critical, bandwidth-intensive applications.

PLDT’s core network is engineered to provide uninterrupted connections. Our routers and switches are strategically located in key sites to ensure route diversity and maximum resiliency. With a multitude of international IP peering partners, PLDT enables you to have easy access to servers all over the world.

Features and Benefits

  • High speed fiber optic backbone connection to the world
    Diverse, resilient routes that provide high-speed connectivity to peering partners in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Fully-diversified international (submarine) cable systems
    Directly connecting to at least six (6) cable systems
  • Connectivity to Asia-Pacific countries
    Peering arrangements with at least 11 Asia-Pacific countries help regionalize Internet traffic
  • Easy connectivity to PhIX and VIX
    Provides local interconnection with other ISPs and gaming content providers in the Philippines
  • Guaranteed quality of service
    Network is designed to provides full redundancy at the physical level, with core switches and multiple gateway boarder routers strategically located in separate data centers

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