Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Develop. Deploy. Deliver.

Build your own business applications with the complete app dev kit on the cloud.

PLDT Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the quickest way to deliver cloud-based applications to suit your unique business requirements. It provides an end-to-end platform for companies to develop, deploy, and deliver applications the way the business wants it: fast, bespoke, and cost-effective.

Everything you need to develop your own application is here. The cloud-based platform contains rich development tools and a host of application templates to get you off the ground and running your own apps in no time.

PLDT Cloud PaaS is the ideal business solution for today’s top-level enterprise faced with dynamic IT demands.

The Power to Customize Business Apps.
With PLDT Cloud PaaS’ rich development tools, you can build your ideal app from scratch or conveniently work with a pre-developed application template.

Develop Business Apps at Speed of Market.
The integrated environment of PLDT Cloud PaaS allows you to build apps faster by using a web-based browser where programming is “80% Drag and Drop, 20% Code.”

Generate Apps, Generate Savings.
Reduce the cost of IT automation and foster innovation. There’s no need to invest in hardware and expensive software licenses to get the best technology. PLDT Cloud PaaS enables you to cost-effectively scale your subscriptions to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Features Benefits
Flexible Deployment Model Develop, deploy, and deliver custom cloud business apps on PLDT Cloud Infrastructure. Hosted private cloud or on-premise setup also available.
Point and Click, Drag and Drop Use wizards and easy-to-use visual design tools to build your applications.
80% Drag and Drop, 20% Code Leverage your business expertise to build most of your apps visually. You only need to write code for business rules and advanced customizations.
Faster and Less Expensive With PLDT Cloud PaaS it takes less time and money to bring your business apps from idea to reality.
Mobile-Enhanced All apps can be accessed via a dedicated mobile user interface designed for iOS and Android devices.

Experience PaaS over the cloud today.

Visit http://apps.pldtcloud.com


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