Data + Time = Money


First Consolidated Bank and PLDT ALPHA Enterprise team up to deliver best quality financial services.

In 1982, Bohol was the surprising venue for the country’s first bank consolidation, as 14 independent provincial banks banded together to form First Consolidated Bank. Today FCB has 58 branches and 23 marketing centers all over the country, with expansion plans in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

FCB’s aim is to provide “best quality financial service at the most competitive price – consistently above-market return on investments at minimum risk.” In order to provide better banking services at lower costs, FCB looks to modern banking technology.

This is why they decided to partner with PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, allying themselves with the nationwidest communication infrastructure and network. FCB is looking to implement increased automated banking services, as well as to focus on marketing and a higher quality of resources. These are goals realized with PLDT’s enterprise-grade solutions.

As Argeo J. Melisimo, President of First Consolidated Bank, has said: “Our core banking systems are only as effective as the data it is fed or given access to, and on the reverse, its access to various and often far-flung branches and offices. Without an effective, fast and reliable communications network, timely access to needed and required data will not be possible.”

That’s why PLDT ALPHA Enterprise has worked out a whole suite of telecommunications solutions specifically tailored to the bank’s needs, including SWUP (wireless Point-of-Sale terminals); Trunkline, (a voice communications solution for areas with limited fixed facilities); BRAINS (Broad and Robust ATM/IP Networking Solutions); IPVPN, and DSL services. Of course, traditional telephone landlines, faxing, and cellphone services are also part of the solutions mix.

FCB’s goal of increasing their network of physical branches and abilities requires an equally capable communications service partner. PLDT ALPHA Enterprise stands ready to fulfill that need and help FCB on its journey towards ever-better financial service.

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