PLDT IP VPN is a private networking solution providing reliable and secure WAN connectivity to link your geographically dispersed sites (headquarters, branch offices, disaster recovery sites, and remote users) using cost-effective IP-based connectivity.

PLDT IP VPN is a fully-meshed solution for private any-to-any connectivity. The service is Layer 3 VPN, based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, which enables packets of information to be transmitted securely across a network.

Features Benefits
Meshed Topology (multi-point to multi-point) Any-to-any connectivity across all sites on Day 1
Wide spectrum of bandwidth available, from 64-2048Kbps (via Serial) to 2-10,000 Mbps/10G (via Ethernet) Robust bandwidth availability across the country
Flexibility to growing needs
Access Ubiquity: Choose from Leased Line, Ethernet, or even wireless options such as SMART Bro Canopy, IP Radio, IP VSAT, and LTE as last mile Choose the most cost-effective last-mile from a fully redundant last-mile network
Class of Service (CoS) feature

  • Real-time (for Voice and Video)
  • Business-Critical (for mission critical applications)
  • Best-Effort (for best effort traffic such as web-browsing and email)
Enables end-to-end traffic prioritization and management to better handle customer’s time-sensitive and business critical applications
PLDT NGN-powered network infrastructure Best breed of network

Unparalleled capacity and nationwide coverage
MPLS Pioneer in the country with more than 10 years of experience. A collective pool of over 757 certifications, including MEF-CECPs, CCIE R&S, CCIEs, CCNAs, CCNA Wireless, CCNPs, and CCSPs Global-standard capability to support commercially tested solutions with responsive and effective pre-sales, provisioning, and after sales service
Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) support Take advantage of advanced telecom solutions like video conferencing without compromising the end-user experience
Enhanced security protocols Rest assured that your data and networks are safe and secured

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