Managed CPE Services

PLDT’s Managed CPE Services are the answer to your IT and networking requirements, offered in one convenient package under a one-stop shop arrangement. With PLDT Managed CPE Services, you can avail of managed and fully supported IT solutions, together with your subscribed / preferred PLDT connectivity service, all on a flat monthly fee.

Manage Router Service

It is a solution wherein router management is offered as a value-added service to PLDT’s Networking Services such as Ethernet IPLC, IPLC, Diginet, Metro E Line, Domestic Frame Relay, IP VPN and Metro Ethernet WAN. PLDT employs best-in-class routers which are managed through a robust network management system manned by a pool of certified engineers, initial configurations including all troubleshooting and repairs.

Manage Router Service with Enhanced Security

It is an overlay security on top of the inherent security feature that is offered by PLDT IP VPN service. It provides secure tunnels and serves to protect and authenticate IP packets between participating IPSec devices. IPSec can provide data confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, and protection across an IP network. This offering is PLDT’s version of “IPSEC over MPLS”.


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