International Private Leased Circuits

PLDT’s International Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs) service is a robust point-to-point connectivity solution for enterprise customers. PLDT IPLCs are backed by global standard service level commitments and provide customers with best-in-class technology, infrastructure, and service. Speeds range from 64kbps to 10G across various cable systems with options for restorable and non-restorable contracts.


PLDT’s Ethernet International Private Leased Circuit (E/IPLC) is a dedicated point-to-point Ethernet solution that enables seamless connection between the LAN and the WAN. Native Ethernet on the WAN assures you of transparency and control across the network. Its scalability allows you to adjust bandwidth growth alongside business with speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 10Mbps. The E/IPLC service also has an option where your circuit can be configured on a ring topology for additional resiliency.

Managed E/IPLC

PLDT’s Managed E/IPLC is a premium service that allows full redundancy and diversity via a fully meshed international network. It works by having different cable systems running on a fully managed platform allowing automatic failover in case of submarine cable failures.



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