Smart Ads


A smarter way to do mobile advertising

Smart Ads is a comprehensive, end-to-end, solutions platform that allows enterprises to effectively create and deploy their mobile advertising campaigns.

Through Smart Ads, marketers are empowered to craft and execute the right campaign, providing the right offers to the right audience at the right time.


  • Increased brand reach and awareness – You can instantly get your brand’s message across to the country’s largest mobile subscriber base. Messaging and promotions can also be shaped to target specific demographics and/or psychographics. They can also be deployed within a particular geographic area and a particular timeframe.
  • Richer engagement – More than getting eyeballs, Smart Ads technologies seamlessly combine your marketing communication and customer relationship management (CRM) efforts on mobile. It also has platforms for richer content-driven marketing and interactive customer participation through games.
  • Added conversions – Smart Ads completes the circle by integrating sales within your brand’s mobile ads. Customers are encouraged to purchase instantly through mobile coupons and shop for your product or service straight from the mobile device.

Learn more about Smart Ads here.


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