Efficient, end-to-end eCommerce for your digital enterprise

eCommerce is the way of the future. However, setting up an eCommerce system through traditional means is usually a costly, time-consuming affair. PLDT’s TackThis! solution presents a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective way to design, deploy, and manage a bespoke, end-to-end eCommerce portal for enterprise organizations: from marketplace management, to payment facilitation, and delivery from brick to click.


  • Easy management – TackThis! uses a completely web-based dashboard. This allows you to easily view inventory, customer profiles, and analytics. You can also use the same dashboard to deploy marketing and promotions initiatives.
  • Flexible payment – You can now realize more conversions by offering a wide range of payment methods: from secure credit card transactions, bank deposits, or even cash-on-delivery. And TackThis! handles the payment facilitation, saving you the hassles.
  • Seamless Social Integration – Your organization’s TackThis!-enabled eCommerce store can be incorporated with existing social media accounts. Wherever your target customers engage you, they’ll now have the option to easily purchase a product/service in an instant.

Learn more about TackThis! here.


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