Hotline for Public Safety


PLDT ALPHA Enterprise fortifies FDA’s hotline and ICT system, ensuring bettersafety for every Filipino consumer.

There are more or less 100 million Filipinos consuming about 100,000 products–of which 30,000 are drug products–from 65,000 establishments every day. Presently, only about 150 inspectors monitor these establishments and products all over the country. This is the sobering fact confronting the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA), formerly the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD). Their challenging primary mission is to ensure the public’s safe consumption of a multitude of products in the market by strict licensing, monitoring, and inspecting establishments and manufacturers.

The name change is a first step to fulfilling its number one priority, public safety. FDA Centers test and evaluate all manner of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and household products. The Administration understands that a booming population corresponds to a jump in the sheer number of establishments and products. To cope with this burgeoning growth, FDA aims to increase its personnel base and expand its laboratory capability within a five-year transition period.

A crucial part of its existing strategic plan is the new FDA hotline: 165-FDA (332). And in today’s digital age, FDA relies more than ever on its fiber optics Internet connection through PLDT ALPHA Enterprise. The FDA is the first government agency to deploy these solutions towards vastly improved public safety as well as quicker response times to consumer issues. “Communication is very vital to us because consumers need to reach us. We are very happy with our new hotline and we are now in the process of reorganizing our response service. We’re also quite pleased to have a higher download speed,” said Director Suzette Lazo, Director General of FDA.

Director Lazo also underscored PLDT ALPHA Enterprise responsiveness to FDA’s request, proof of the Corporate Business Group’s renewed emphasis on putting “Relationships First”. Their refocused partnership ensures that best services are delivered to their highly regarded customers, their ultimate bosses–the Filipino people. We can all be assured of better vigilance and safety in all consumer products, through a committed and strengthened agency in the FDA, just a quicker call away.

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