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PLDT ALPHA Enterprise personnel and infrastructure remain on the cutting edge.

On March 20, 2012, PLDT’s Innovation Laboratory Building in Mandaluyong, Manila was the venue for the fourth and final day of the Cisco Technology Update training sessions. Part of a series of technology updates held every year and spearheaded by Irene de Guzman, Senior Product Manager for PLDT’s Domestic Data Category, the four sessions delivered in-depth presentations and training on the latest Cisco technology to almost 100 PLDT Engineers from Pre-Sales, Provisioning, and Operations, ultimately aimed at providing better service to clients running Cisco infrastructure.

This is especially timely considering that PLDT is currently in the process of migrating clients from its legacy PLDT BRAINS (Broad, Robust, ATM & IP Networking Solutions) Network to the new Cisco IPBB (Internet Protocol Backbone) platform. As part of the standing PLDT commitment to improve technical capabilities, it was clearly the right time for this significant upgrade.

PLDT’s mission of constant investment in the latest and best technology available is felt throughout the organization. A precursor to this upgrade was the highly ambitious NxGN (NeXt Generation Network) expansion campaign. Cisco IPBB boasts a much higher capacity than BRAINS, with core links starting at 10G and a roadmap to upgrade to as much as 100G of capacity. Cisco IPBB also allows for a smooth transition of Corporate VPNs from IPv4 to IPv6, with PLDT’s network featuring widely-dispersed Provider Edge nodes, dual homed topology, as well as primary and backup route processors for core and edge routers. Overall, this enhances coverage, resiliency, and flexibility. PLDT’s Cisco IPBB upgrade now generates the capacity to satisfy increasingly data-hungry clients, and to support bandwidth-intensive applications with QoS (Quality of Service).

All of this upgraded infrastructure would be of little use however, without the skills and personnel necessary to run and maintain it. In addition to its investment of USD 1.7 Billion for physical infrastructure in fiscal years 2011-2012, PLDT has also invested in more skilled staff. These new experts include the largest pool of Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIE) in the Philippines as well as Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP), Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA), Cisco Certified Design Associates (CCDA), Cisco Certified Internetwork Professionals (CCIP), and Cisco Certified Security Professionals (CCSP). PLDT also boasts the most number of Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals in the world.

All this skill and expertise will be deployed with renewed vigor as PLDT brings clients onto the upgraded Cisco IPBB platform and a new standard of bandwidth and applications.

Along with investing billions of pesos into physical infrastructure like international submarine cable systems and domestic fiber optic networks, PLDT has always maintained that the most valuable part of any service provider’s infrastructure is its people. It’s this twin-pronged dedication to exceeding customer expectations that makes PLDT ALPHA Enterprise a top-flight provider and trusted ICT partner.

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