Justice Upgraded


PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and ACCRALAW collaborate to bring world-best technology to the Philippine justice system.

The Angara Abello Concepcion Regala & Cruz Law Office (ACCRALAW) was founded with the goal of providing affordable legal services to the larger public. As an institutional law firm, ACCRALAW ensures that all its lawyers possess the expertise and the competence that has made it a leader throughout the years. Since its establishment in 1972, the Firm has grown into a celebrated service organization with over 120 lawyers and over 140 non-legal personnel today. True to its vision of “setting the pace in excellence in the practice of law”, ACCRALAW has pioneered the use of technology in the justice arena. “The rendering of legal services should go hand in hand with the technology. We believe in the use of the latest technology to improve legal services,” said Atty. Leland Villadolid Jr., Litigation Partner with primary field of practice in telecommunications and IT, and Head of the Firm’s MIS Department.

ACCRALAW is proud to be the first law firm to modernize its systems with the latest advances in ICT. “Every time a new technology or an upgrade – such as an improved word processing system – comes out, we immediately study, evaluate, and apply it if it will improve our firm’s system,” Atty. Villadolid said proudly.

In 1978, ACCRALAW was a pioneer in the use of a computer-based integrated electronic data processing system for time, billing and word processing. ACCRALAW was the first local law firm to use an integrated computer records and data management system designed for law offices. Today, this records and data management system is utilized by more than 50% of the top 1,000 law firms in the world.

The Firm recognizes the advantages of today’s technological advancements. Technology is used exhaustively in ACCRALAW to improve the skills of its lawyers and to render the best legal services to clients at a managed cost. ICT solutions also contribute to bigger improvements in their overall quality of life. For example, Atty. Villadolid explains how lawyers in the past had to physically go through multiple thick tomes of law and jurisprudence – every single book in their libraries that had to do with the topic – to research and prepare for a case. Today, all they have to do is enter keywords to retrieve the data they need, much like a customized search engine. This dramatically speeds up the process for best results. And for even more effective operations, ACCRALAW turns to PLDT ALPHA Enterprise for its ICT upgrades.

Recently, the Firm implemented a system featuring PLDT VOX and SMART Blackberry for dependable voice and data communications, as well as PLDT iGate and PLDT IP-VPN for high-speed Internet connectivity. These enable ACCRALAW to respond and be more accessible to clients and more importantly, to safeguard their information and confidentiality through a secure network. Fortifying these system upgrades is a reliable disaster recovery system via PLDT VITRO, which ensures proper back-up and preservation of critical data in unforeseen events.

ACCRALAW’s partnership with PLDT ALPHA Enterprise started when ACCRALAW first established their branch offices in Cebu in 1980 and Davao in 1996. The Firm was then looking for the best solutions to communicate faster and efficiently with its two remote offices. During that time no other telco offered ICT services customized for law firms, as PLDT did. ACCRALAW chose the premier telco (which was also a valued client) to be its partner from that day on. PLDT ALPHA Enterprise’s outstanding track record in offering the up-to-date solutions complements ACCRALAW’s vision in continuing to use technology in elevating its services. ACCRALAW and PLDT ALPHA – top tier organizations in their respective fields – work vigorously together in setting the pace for efficient and excellent legal services through the best-in-class ICT solutions available today.

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