PLDT Enterprise supports Philippine Internet of Everything Consortium’s push

Continuing its commitment to helping create a digital nation, PLDT through its corporate business arm PLDT Enterprise recently joined the Philippine Internet of Everything Consortium (PIOEC) in bringing together leaders and experts from the business, academe, and public sectors to showcase the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) for today’s industries.

Co-presented by Cisco and Microsoft Philippines, the conference, entitled ‘A Future-Defined Philippines through Internet of Everything’, featured insightful discussions on the potential of IoT and IoE to drive business and economic growth.

Among the key speakers were Microsoft Philippines’ Director of Development Experience and Evangelism Joel Garcia, who shared the humanizing technologies in today’s business environment; Cisco’s Head of Smart and Connected Communities strategy and sales for APJC Zdravka Newman, who talked about enabling economic, social, and environmental sustainability; and PLDT and SMART Vice President and Head of Digital Marketing Carlo Ople, who discussed the evolving role of telecommunication in the age of IoT.

The PIOEC is the country’s premier multi-sectoral organization established to harness the many opportunities brought about by IoE in the Philippines. It aims to elevate Philippine businesses to be at par with global counterparts within the scope of IoE, by opening membership to representatives in the Academe, Government, and Private sector, including industries such as utilities, banking and finance, retail and distribution, software and hardware development and distribution.

“There has been a marked increase in adoption of IoT in the country since we first established PIOEC in 2014,” said Jovy Hernandez, PLDT SVP and Head of PLDT and SMART Enterprise as well as Vice Chairman of PIOEC, noting that various technological advancements have led to the creation of stronger connections – not only among people but even between people to machines and machine to machine.

“Today we are now at the Intelligence Age, where people expect devices to be smarter, and connected for their convenience and efficiency. These connections have redefined, and will continue to redefine the way we work, play, interact, and live — true to the nature that takes IoT into IoE,” noted Hernandez.

The organization also envisions the Philippines to become the IoE hub in Asia.

Hernandez also underscored how PIOEC shares PLDT Enterprise’s vision of a connected nation, noting that events such as the conference help create greater awareness of the positive impact of IoT.

“By bringing together leaders and experts in their respective fields who share our vision,” added Hernandez, “we hope to further drive the growth of IoT in the Philippines and help create greater value in this space for the country.”

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