Strong Alliances for the World-Standard Enterprise


Fujitsu Philippines builds top-notch enterprise tech, powered by a partnership with PLDT ALPHA

As we enter the digital age, Philippine enterprises are looking for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions that are at par with international standards. To help satisfy this need, global technology provider Fujitsu expanded their services to the country and has continued their work here for more than forty years. Beyond exclusively providing Fujitsu products, the Philippine office acts as a complete solutions integrator – they build and implement solutions for their clients with technologies from both Fujitsu and other partners.

The company prides itself in these partnerships. Fujitsu Philippines President and CEO Raul “Cricket” Santiago III compared their process to assembling a jigsaw puzzle, pointing out that they and their collaborators provide the relevant puzzle pieces that complete a solution. When it comes to their local projects, they have trusted their longstanding partner PLDT ALPHA as an important and foundational puzzle piece of their successful operations in the country.

Going World-Class for the Cloud

As a global brand, Fujitsu has been leading the way in helping enterprises move their IT infrastructure to the cloud, enabling them to become mobile and agile. The company now has more than 150 data centers globally and has implemented a unified standard cloud system to more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

Fujitsu Philippines continues to provide these high-quality cloud services for local enterprises, supported by PLDT ALPHA. The company’s new cloud solutions are housed in PLDT’s VITRO data center, which ensures that this cloud infrastructure is placed in a facility that is constantly upgraded to world-class standards. “There’s a Fujitsu global standard, and we see to it that our data center adheres to it. That’s what we saw in PLDT’s VITRO data center, which complements our solutions,” Mr. Santiago pointed out.

VITRO data center facilities have achieved Tier 3 compliance, as well as certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The Global Shift to the Cloud

According to IDC, 65% of enterprise organizations will adopt hybrid cloud technologies by the end of 2016, a move prompted by various IT trends. First, there is compelling proof of better security in the cloud. Stories of major breaches in corporate firewalls and the development of more sophisticated cloud security have led IT executives to transfer their corporate data. Second is the rise in mobile business models, with mobile app usage growing by 58% in 2015. Employees use apps to order supplies, submit expenses, and manage projects. Lastly, enterprises are adapting to the quick implementation of the Internet of Things – using the cloud to efficiently store and process real-time insights from IoT technologies.

Many of the businesses outsource their cloud infrastructure to data center providers, which require significantly lower CAPEX investment. They also eliminate the need to recruit and train data center specialists. As these enterprises grow, outsourced data centers guarantee additional capacity for immediate use.

Partnerships for the ICT Future

Since the beginning, Fujitsu Philippines has collaborated with PLDT ALPHA on various projects. PLDT ALPHA equips the organization with seamless network connectivity, as well as reliable voice solutions for WeServ Systems International, Inc., a Fujitsu Global Delivery Centre and its wholly owned outsourcing subsidiary.

For Mr. Santiago, PLDT ALPHA will continue to be a trusted collaborator in their company’s efforts to provide future-forward technology for Philippine enterprises. “Because of our long-lasting relationship, we look at PLDT as a partner, rather than a supplier. And as cloud adoption grows in the next few years, we will have engagements and stronger partnerships with them,” he guaranteed.

“For many years, we at PLDT ALPHA have been privileged to have closely collaborated with Fujitsu Philippines in developing relevant ICT technologies,” said FVP and Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Groups Jovy Hernandez. “As we head into the future, we look forward to continuing this innovative partnership and meeting international standards of excellence.”

Through this alliance, Fujitsu Philippines is able to assemble the technologies that will help lead local enterprises on the path towards global success.

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