Disaster-Proof Delivery for LBC


LBC fortifies its data-driven services with cloud-based disaster recovery solutions from PLDT ALPHA

“This is one of the industries where technology will play a big part.” LBC Chief Information Officer Alfie Deato shared this insight about the logistics, courier, and remittance industry. It is one in which his company, the top courier, logistics and remittance provider in the Philippines, has thrived in since they first opened shop in 1945. Today, logistics organizations are among the leaders in leveraging the latest technologies to meet higher customer expectations for agility and efficiency.

In recent years, the logistics giant had taken strides in embracing high-tech solutions to enhance operations, starting with a partnership with PLDT ALPHA to develop their cloud infrastructure and enterprise communications for future-ready business.

The logistics provider also recently acquired PLDT ALPHA’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, firstly because it is a more cost-efficient way to handle their ever-growing IT requirements. More importantly, Mr. Deato explained that the robust and simple solution can help them recover critical data that can be lost due to the natural calamities that threaten the Philippines year-round. “We need to be up during these times, and that means we need to make sure that our data and processing are up,” LBC CMO Javier Mantecon pointed out.

Innovation-Driven Logistics

Logistics providers of the future will continue to employ innovative technologies to maximize time, bring down costs, and heighten productivity. Amazon made headlines when it acquired disc-like orange robots to lift heavy cargo in its warehouses, speeding up the transfer of wares, and lowering labor costs. Smart technologies in automated trucks will make headway in high-tech delivery – reducing accidents [1] and improving fuel-efficient driving [2]. Freight forwarders also maximize software for simpler and quicker operations, including GPS fleet tracking that provides real-time updates on cargo locations. Smart Tracker provides web-based tracking, with detailed monitoring and analysis [3].

Secure Data for Quality Service

Protecting customer data, especially for valuable parcels and money remittances, is a top priority for logistics organizations. However, maintaining redundant servers may prove costly. By partnering with PLDT, LBC is able to maximize its in-house data center – reducing costs incurred by the extra power supply and IT maintenance required for additional servers.

PLDT DraaS, a cloud-based backup, restore, and recovery platform, secures LBC’s data in case of disruption caused by natural disasters or hardware failure; this ensures constant uptime and uninterrupted delivery of service. “We can’t fulfill our services without data,” remarked Mr. Mantecon. “If the system goes down, PLDT enables us to quickly recover and pass it on to our fulfillment team.”

Data On-Demand

LBC recognizes that customer expectations in a fast-paced market are continuously changing. Case in point, they now request information on their parcels and remittances during – instead of after – the journey. “We move things that are valuable to the customer. As we provide this service, we need to make sure that data is available, accurate, and clear for them,” said Mr. Deato. With the added support from PLDT DRaaS, the organization ensures uninterrupted operations through consistent data availability.

With cloud solutions from PLDT ALPHA, LBC expects to further develop tech-powered operations for the next five to seven years, boosting efficient services for tomorrow’s consumers. It is a challenge that PLDT ALPHA welcomes. “We commend LBC for its commitment in providing efficient and high-quality logistics services for the Filipino people,” declared FVP and Head of PLDT ALPHA Jovy Hernandez. “We at PLDT ALPHA will continue to help ensure that LBC runs its operations in case of any disaster.”




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