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Police Regional Office One partners with PLDT ALPHA and Smart Enterprise for increased organizational efficiency via Smart-powered iPad Pro units 

“Technology is not just a luxury or a want; it has now become a necessity for us.” This unequivocal statement of Police Regional Office One Police Superintendent Maria Teresa Amurao clearly reflects the critical role technology plays in the day-to-day operations of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

True to their commitment to serve and protect Filipinos, the PNP has evolved with the times. They are now utilizing breakthrough technology in their intensified campaign against crime.

“We need technology in our daily operations to help our people,” PSupt. Amurao explained. Efficient communication of validated information to the right recipients is the topmost priority of the PNP. “When we release information, it should be 100% sure and reliable,” she noted, adding that this can be achieved with increased accuracy through the continued use of technology.

PNP Goes Digital

The PNP continues to increase its digital technology adoption to improve overall policies and systems in place with the establishment of the agency’s newest division: the Directorate for Information and Communications Technology Management (DICTM). The department assists the PNP Chief in ICT-driven policy development, and helps manage and promote the agency’s ICT resources and programs.

In an effort to foster greater civilian engagement, they have also amplified their online presence through a regularly updated website, as well as active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Through this, the 48 million (47%) Filipinos who are active social media users will have greater awareness of the PNP’s latest regulations and activities.

More so, the PNP has recently tapped the country’s major telecommunications companies for two of their emergency hotline platforms: the PNP Text Bato Hotline and “Itaga Mo Sa Bato” mobile application.

The Text Bato hotline allows subscribers to SMS reports of crime-related incidents to PNP Chief Police Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa. Supporting that service is the “Itaga Mo Sa Bato” or PNP Reporting App, which enables users to report their concerns to the police straight from their smartphone. The app directs information on a centralized system that transfers each report to the respective police district.

Working Together Towards Enhanced Public Service

Headquartered at Camp Florendo in San Fernando, La Union, the Police Regional Office One encourages technology adoption across all the police units within the Ilocos region. “The Police Regional Office One is coming up with more technology-driven innovations, as these are highly important in the continuous monitoring of anti-criminality – which is our number one objective,” noted PSupt. Amurao.

Among the station’s pioneering digital initiatives is its recent partnership with PLDT ALPHA and Smart Enterprise. The Police Regional Office One workforce now has 18 full-featured iPad Pro units, powered by Smart’s mobile broadband connection. “We have partnered with PLDT ALPHA and Smart Enterprise because they provide us easy access and good service through their various solutions,” she added. “In terms of customer service relations, I’d say they are excellent.” This makes them the first adopters of these devices throughout the entire PNP organization.

With these devices, the Police Regional Office One now operate a more mobile working environment. Its officers can now conduct virtual meetings and conferences, send memoranda with attached e-signatures, approve documents, and access files and applications – all in real-time. This drastically reduces the need for physical attendance in daily assemblies or division meetings. In addition, the management is also in talks with PLDT ALPHA and Smart Enterprise for their centralized Internet connection needs. “This will allow us to have easy access to pertinent information as well as fast and reliable communication,” said PSupt. Amurao, who added that this will enable seamless connectivity from the regional office down to police stations.

FVP and Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Groups Jovy Hernandez commended the efforts of the team at the Police Regional Office One for taking bold steps towards becoming a digital-driven organization. He remarked, “We at PLDT ALPHA and Smart Enterprise will continue to empower the division with our strengthened solutions, so they can ultimately focus on providing effective and credible police service for our fellow countrymen.” These innovations, and more still on the way, are laying the foundation for digitally-driven policing in the Philippines.

PSupt. Amurao sees a PNP equipped with more advanced ICT systems in the near future. “We are eyeing the integration of GPS (Global Positioning System), along with other real-time monitoring features,” she discussed. “This will give us easier access to whatever we need, even when we’re on police operations. In this way, we can give the Filipinos the updated and correct information they need and deserve.”

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