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Smart and BlackBerry Redefine Enterprise File Management with BlackBerry Workspaces



Smart and BlackBerry redefine enterprise file management with BlackBerry Workspaces

Data is now one of the most valuable enterprise resources. It’s become second nature for employees to exchange data and documents across different channels using file-sharing networks.

In fact, a survey conducted by independent research organization Ponemon Institute, revealed that 58% out of over 600 participating IT professionals use free online file sharing programs such as Box, Dropbox, and WeTransfer. Almost half of the respondents said their employees periodically manage restricted files on personal devices.[1] These practices can pose great security threats for most enterprise organizations.

Smart and BlackBerry have partnered to offer enterprises BlackBerry Workspaces for a highly secure, all-in-one file-sharing platform that can be accessed from any device.

Better Security for Your Files

BlackBerry Workspaces is a fully integrated file-and-sync platform that combines highly-secure management capabilities with an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Essentially, it secures and syncs all enterprise content, easing the retrieval of a file’s latest versions.

The solution is built upon the security expertise of BlackBerry, which was recently hailed as an Enterprise Mobility Management leader by prominent research and advisory firm Gartner.[2] The platform equips users with enterprise-level security and advanced digital rights management (DRM) controls, embedding codes that help prevent digital media copyright infringement.

The solution’s unique architecture also provides users with full visibility of files, security controls and trackers, as well as end-to-end encryption throughout document circulation. They can also track and revoke file access, if needed. These features are essential for organizations who must disseminate files with highly-confidential information. For example, employees in banking and loan companies can freely share strictly confidential documents to auditors and regulators.

Users may opt to host the BlackBerry Workspaces solution on the cloud, on premise, or in-between as a hybrid set-up. Regardless of the configuration, enterprises have easy access to file-sharing functions such as syncing, annotating, searching, and streaming, across various enterprise applications and systems. With BlackBerry Workspaces, organizations can operate with increased productivity and better collaboration, while drastically reducing the cost, intricacies, and risks involved with freely circulated information. Smart and BlackBerry will continue working together to empower enterprises with innovative mobility and security solutions to help them thrive in the rapidly-shifting digital age.

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