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PLDT ALPHA Enterprise helps CBN Asia fulfill its vision

CBN Asia is a non-stock, non-profit corporation drawing their vision, mission, and ministries from the US-based Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Their shows such as the 700 Club and Superbook spread the Gospel throughout Asia, in cooperation with their foundations and missionaries. PLDT ALPHA Enterprise has partnered with CBN Asia to provide them with the telecommunications solutions necessary for their mission.

PLDT and CBN have already collaborated on a charitable outreach for Typhoon Yolanda victims, with the PLDT-SMART Foundation sending 4000 “Sacks o’ Joy” as gifts for child survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, through distribution channels established by CBN Asia’s charitable arm, Operation Blessing.

“These gifts from PLDT-SMART gave the children so much joy since they were unable to celebrate Christmas and New Year as happily as they used to because of Typhoon Yolanda,” explained Fred Dalumpines, a disaster response coordinator with Operation Blessing.

“PLDT is the most ready of all telcos.”

Today their collaboration deepens and is even more strengthened with an agreement to make the fullest use of PLDT technology in enabling the CBN mission.

“There’s no other ICT partner that has a more reliable leverage on local technology in the Philippines than PLDT ALPHA Enterprise,” said Jaime R. Reyes, CBN Asia IT VP & New Media Head. “We are capitalizing on that experience to support the goals of our organization. We know for a fact that PLDT is the most ready of all telcos to service our needs. That is why we chose them. PLDT ALPHA Enterprise really takes care of us. A lot of telcos are good at slinging their wares, but when it comes to relationships, PLDT has really got the edge. They’re not only technically reliable – they are a very warm partner.”

He then spoke of CBN Asia’s appreciation for the dedication of their PLDT ALPHA Enterprise Relationship Manager (RM), who was reachable even at six in the morning. CBN was scrambling to find a satellite hookup to reach their teams the day after Typhoon Yolanda. After exhausting all other resources, they called PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and had their satellite connections by the same afternoon. Such is the closeness of their relationship that when their RM fell ill, several people in CBN Asia remembered him in their prayers.

Precy Katigbak spoke on behalf of PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, thanking CBN Asia for their kind words and for the trust they have in PLDT. “We assure you that we are fully committed to helping CBN Asia in its mission in any and every way we can.”

In the days to come, it is certain that with PLDT ALPHA Enterprise by their side, CBN Asia will expand their presence in Asia, reaching ever more people and fulfilling more significant milestones through their charity and good works.

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