The History of Big Data


The concept of Big Data is not some new-fangled alien idea that rose spontaneously only recently. It’s just part of a journey that has been going on since the first humans scratched their art on cave walls, trying to record their own experiences and memories for posterity and future use. Join us as we explore the history of mankind’s experience with data.

20,000 BC

Early hunter-gatherer societies formulate the basic concepts of mathematics, as evidenced by the Ishango Bone artifact.

5000 BC

Cuneiform writing is developed in Mesopotamia

3340 BC

One of the first censuses recorded is carried out in Egypt.

1450 AD

The Gutenberg Bible is printed, heralding the start of the Printing Revolution, where the spread of the printing press facilitated the wide circulation of ideas and information.

1749 AD

Gottfried Achenwall designates the analysis of data about the state as Statistik in his native German, hence the stat- etymology of the word. Later, this definition will encompass all analysis and collection of data, rather than simply data about the state.

1876 AD

Melvil Dewey invents the Dewey Decimal System for classifying the world’s knowledge

1932 AD

The AC Nielsen Company creates a “retail index” for tracking the flow of food and drug purchases

1936 AD

Alan Turing shows that any reasonable computation can be performed by programming a fixed universal machine.

1956 AD

IBM introduces the hard disk drive as data storage for its real-time transaction processing computer.


The use of data-driven methods and computational algorithms like risk modeling, Monte Carlo simulations, and manufacturing resource planning increases – and with it, the rise of data warehouses.

1994: Yahoo!

Jerry Yang and David Filo create a hierarchical directory of the web as students in Stanford University.


Google is founded

2000- Today

Advanced data gathering/analysis mechanisms are developed, using the enormous amount of data generated by the digital revolution and the coming of age of the Digital Native.


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