The Sun Sets, VITRO Subic Rises


PLDT ALPHA Enterprise’s VITRO Subic Data Center begins its journey

Early one calm sunny morning, executives from both PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and ePLDT gathered at a neat, white-painted building whose unassuming exterior belied enormous ICT capabilities. This is the new VITRO Subic Data Center, sister to the VITRO Data Center in Manila, built to provide data center services and geographically-diverse disaster recovery options. The new site was blessed, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony and site tour soon followed.

The day continued at the Subic Bay Yacht Club, where ALPHA guests were directed up a curving flight of marble steps to the lobby for registration. The far wall was comprised of two-story panels of glass stretching from the vaulted ceiling to the floor. They offered beautiful views of clouds rolling through the blue sky, docked yachts bobbing gently below on blue water, and verdant hills bounding the curve of Subic Bay.

Before guests departed on three PLDT ALPHA yachts, a buffet lunch was served in the cool, shaded Jacques’ Lounge. Gary Ignacio of PLDT ALPHA Enterprise then took the podium as the day’s host. He explained the event itinerary, and acknowledged several VIPs before handing the microphone to Mr. Eric R. Alberto, Executive Vice President and Head, PLDT and SMART Enterprise and International & Carrier Business. Mr. Alberto formally opened the event, to celebrate the recent opening of Subic’s own VITRO Data Center.

“We’re not simply shopkeepers and our clients are not simply customers who stroll in, buy one product, and leave. We are in this as partners,” he told the audience. “We not only meet but pre-emptively anticipate client requirements, staying ahead of the game by constantly improving our technology, infrastructure, and expertise. We actively work to remain in the forefront of the telco industry. It is in this spirit that we launch VITRO Data Center in Subic, offering the same high level of data center infrastructure and ICT expertise as its sister in Manila.”

Mr. Alberto explained that aside from VITRO Subic and VITRO Manila, new VITRO centers in Cebu and South Luzon are scheduled for completion later in the year, further links in a chain of VITRO Data Centers across the country.

SBMA Chairman Bobby Garcia was then invited to the stage, and welcomed the audience to “the most beautiful port in the Philippines.” Amid general laughter, Mr. Garcia talked about Subic’s attractions for enterprises: 5% tax rate, the ability to import equipment duty-free, lower costs for power, and of course Subic’s natural beauty.

He told the audience that Subic plans to pursue a BPO program to encourage the development of the BPO industry in the area, and noted that Subic’s infrastructure is a perfect fit for BPOs. All these reasons, he said, were why Subic so earnestly wanted and welcomed the presence of VITRO in the city.

Later, Mr. Jovy Hernandez, Vice President and Head of PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, shared VITRO Subic’s considerable capabilities with the audience. VITRO Subic features the innovative new faculty to monitor the temperature and status of individual servers, and allows clients to access real-time status updates over the Internet. He then offered a 15% discount on all services for anyone who signed up for VITRO services that same day.

The guests were then treated to a sunset cruise, sailing by Subic’s gorgeous coves and inlets, as finger foods and wine was served. The yachts glided by two lighthouse towers, sandy beaches, and a number of other sailing vessels, ranging from sleek racing craft with sails aloft to the imposing gray hulks of American naval warships.

After a spectacular red-gold sunset on the water, all three ALPHA yachts gathered close together, maneuvering within earshot in a display of impressive seamanship. A secondary raffle was held, with the announcer making sure that he could be heard on board all three ships, as applause erupted on each ship when a winner was picked from their crew.

And on cue, a fireworks display exploded into the twilight, sprays of sparks and orbs of fire blooming against the darkening sky. Mr. Hernandez then gave a seaborne missive, thanking people for their presence. “We brought you VITRO Data Center. We’ve opened up a sea of new possibilities,” he proclaimed, balancing on the foredeck. “Now we will light up the clouds for you!”

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