Visual IVR+

ePLDT Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR)+ expands and elevates the IVR experience for contact centers by providing visual and interactive menu functionality for call handling. It allows customers calling from their smartphones to simply tap their way through the system without listening to unrelated options over long menu trees. It provides a more engaging customer experience that saves them time and saves you money.

This is true instantaneous two-way communication between business and customers. While traditional IVR methods utilize audio recordings to enumerate options, ePLDT Visual IVR+ presents a graphical visualization of the menu and submenu options for calls over smartphones. Selecting an option on the screen is the same as keying ahead on traditional IVR without having to listen to unnecessary prompts.

As an engineered solution that leverages modern user interfaces such as touchscreen phones and devices, ePLDT Visual IVR+ can improve customer satisfaction and significantly reduce call-handling times at a lower cost.

ePLDT Visual IVR+ brings responsive business customer service from the landline age to the Smartphone age.

ePLDT Visual IVR+ Features:

  • Intuitive navigation via the touchscreen feature of smartphones and tablets
  • Integrated image exchange between customer and contact center
  • In-queue messaging support for text chat
  • Push notifications via text messages during the call or on-hold
  • Instantaneous customer feedback via one-click surveys

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