IP Centrex

IP Centrex is a call management service that brings together voice and data communications in a single network. It delivers business quality PABX-like functionality designed to boost workforce productivity, facilitate administration, and increases efficiency.


Inter-location Local Calling: Call another user by using short dialing codes, thus offering free Inter-location local calling.

Bundled Voice and Business DSL: Leverage on a converged voice and data requirements, thus optimizing a bundled package and price.

Hosted Call Management: PLDT’s IP Centrex offers wide array of business-oriented features to meet the customer’s needs.

Future-proof Technology: You can keep abreast with technological innovations as PLDT will be responsible for upgrading the service.

Scalable: Size communication requirements to keep you in pace with your business growth. It gives you the flexibility to increase the number of phone lines as your business grows.


  • Multiple sites in geographically dispersed locations
  • High percentile of company-wide calling
  • Preference to migrate in a hosted model since it is economically very scalable

Ideal For:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Small business
  • Small business
  • Manufacturing
  • Local government
  • Insurance agencies
  • Real Estate corporations
  • Professional offices

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