Global SIP



One strong voice solution for the global enterprise

Introducing Global SIP, a solution that links your organization and the world by using PLDT’s IP-Voice Network to carry all of your voice traffic. Global SIP is a fully managed voice solution that allows international outbound and inbound calling to almost any destination worldwide. The service comes with an in-country local number that enables your enterprise to establish a ‘virtual’ local PSTN presence that is directly accessible in over 300 international locations.


Single Contract PLDT will manage your global voice network with one service level agreement (SLA). This covers compliance with all in-country regulations and unifies SLA worldwide.

Scalability Global SIP lets you efficiently manage your global voice network. Connect new sites anytime without deploying additional hardware in more flexible increments than traditional TDM voice circuits.

Simple and easy management You will get a single view of your entire voice network, reducing the complexity of managing multiple plans across your business locations, as Global SIP unifies all your voice traffic under a single, easy to manage global network.


Deliver better customer service Roll out help desks and contact centers worldwide and enable customers to call you through a local number service, and act as if you are a local player.

Interoperable with existing systems PLDT Global SIP will work whether you are using legacy systems or IP-based PBX hardware, helping you avoid the need to replicate or invest in new infrastructures.

Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) – Because Global SIP is a fully managed voice solution, PLDT will help you improve service reliability to 99.6% for your end-users.


Save in the long run With Global SIP, you need less hardware, making it easier and less expensive to design, configure, administer, and maintain. Global SIP is also interoperable with existing technologies, so you will also save on the upgrade costs of legacy TDMs and IP-based PBXs.

Volume-base pricing Enjoy international inbound and outbound calling, and benefit from more competitive, volume-base pricing.

Gain better control on your budget Global SIP lets you limit voice calls at any point in time, providing greater control over usage and spending.

PLDT Global SIP’s Value Proposition:

Industry-Best Global Reach

PLDT Global SIP integrates more than 1600 telecommunication providers – including International Call Termination in 141 countries, Local Number Service covering over 300 cities in 62 countries, International Toll Free Service in 110 countries, and Universal International Freephone Number in 45 countries.

Quality and Versatility

Global SIP’s highly resilient and secure MPLS network infrastructure prioritizes voice that guarantees high quality calls.

Resilience and Availability

Global SIP’s high-availability network minimizes PSTN interconnects, reducing the number of related incidents, and automatically routing over IP during network problems.


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