SIP Trunk

The Voice of the IP Revolution

The future is coming, and it is a future of liberating change. As enterprise ICT expands and evolves to accommodate growing markets, so should you. Will your customers wait for you to catch up, or will they go with the competition? Can your company still perform at its best, or does it need enhanced tools? Clearly, you can no longer afford to be constrained by inadequate infrastructure.

PLDT ALPHA Enterprise offers SIP Trunks, the future-proofed voice trunking solution for forward-looking enterprise organizations. It’s the springboard for advanced IP communication offerings, necessary in today’s swifter, highly competitive global marketplace. Keep ahead of the game through cutting-edge solutions like unified communications, video calling, multi-person conferencing, and more. Simplify and streamline your telecom infrastructure by converging voice and data networks into a single deployment. Benefit from a more cost-effective set-up with all the reliability and clarity of your older telephony connections and all the flexibility and scalability of customizable trunk sessions.

Enjoy the power of virtualization though PLDT SIP FEX – a SIP variant allowing trunk numbers to call local to or from subscribed locations, in spite of having different area codes.

PLDT SIP Trunks – a future-proofed, universally relevant solution for any company that wants to grow and compete in any future business environment.


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