Airtime Loading Service

SMART’s Airtime Loading Service is a secure, easily accessible, and user-friendly web-based credit loading service. Corporate and SME clients can efficiently load and manage budgeted airtime benefits for their employees on SMART Buddy, Talk N’ Text, and SMART Bro Prepaid accounts. Operating on a simple web-based portal interface, it allows you to reload the mobile load accounts of any number of individuals and groups in your team, all in just a couple of clicks.

Features and Benefits

  • Web-based interface allows you easy access and control through any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Scheduled batch uploading allows one-time set-up for credit-loading parameters.
  • The dynamic PIN adds another layer of security, making it a very secure platform.
  • Real-time usage logs enable you to track and manage your usage. These logs can be saved in Excel format for easier reporting and printing.

System Requirements

  • Desktop or Laptop PC with Internet Connection
  • A Mobile Phone

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