Fixed Cellular Service

Fixed Cellular Service (FCS) is a SMART corporate solution that provides voice, fax, and data connectivity via GSM and GPRS network for areas without fixed (landline) facilities. The device can also be connected to a PABX to route calls from local phones to mobile numbers and/or serve as back-up connection in case of landline service downtime.

FCS Services and Features

1.) The FCS Single-SIM terminal is for basic communication utility, especially for offices in areas without fixed line services.

  • Your business landline–anywhere
  • Less cost for mobile calls
  • Unify essential office functions on one device
  • Plug and Play

2.) The FCS Multi-SIM gateway increases office productivity and efficiency using customizable system management software in handling numerous active calls all at the same time.

  • More mobile calls, more savings
  • Fully customizable system management software
  • Reliable professional assistance

3.) The FCS Instant Office is a complete affordable solution that offers full-featured wireless IP-PBX and unlimited Internet sharing.

  • Full-featured wireless IP-PBX
  • Unlimited HSPA Internet w/ WIFI
  • Linux Computer, Printer Sharing

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