Working for a Greener Future


PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and Green Future Innovations Inc. are working towards an ecologically-stable, energy-secure Philippines.

PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and Green Future Innovations Inc. (GFII) signed a contract together at the Ramon Cojuanco Building in Makati, ensuring Green Future Innovation’s operations in Isabela would receive full PLDT connectivity and enterprise-grade solutions. The goal is to turn your fuel tank greener.

The Philippines Biofuels Act of 2006 requires oil companies to use biofuels in all “liquid fuels for motors and engines sold in the Philippines”. All gasoline sold in the country had to contain at least 5 percent ethanol by February 2009, with 10 percent by 2011. However, the production of bioethanol is outpaced by the demand for the fuel, and in response Green Future Innovations has stepped up to address this shortfall.

Green Future Innovations is a newly formed venture between Japan’s Itochu Corp., JGC Corp., the Philippine Bioethanol and Energy Investments Corp., and Taiwanese holding company GCO. It is focused on a sustainable green future for the Philippines, focusing on bioethanol. The longer-range mission is to help the Philippines be self-sufficient in fuel, to generate jobs in the countryside, and to foster sustainable green technology. There will also be increases to domestic renewable energy through a 54-million liter ethanol plant in San Mariano, Isabela that is poised to be fully operational this year.

The project is agriculture-based, coordinated closely with farming communities in the area; Isabela operations are projected to eventually include over 11,000 hectares within the province. With demand for bioethanol rising, it’s quite likely that they will open further plants in other provinces.

This expanding area of operations needs to be interconnected with modern communications technology. Green Future Innovation’s management needs the most cutting-edge tools available to access critical information as accurately and promptly as possible. And this is why they have turned to PLDT ALPHA Enterprise.

Green Future Innovations now enjoys secure high-speed Internet through iGate, voice/data lines with ISDN, dedicated clear channel leased line connections for domestic network applications via Diginet; as well as the nationwidest mobile capabilities of the SMART – powered cellular network. They are undoubtedly well-equipped to lead the Philippines into a green future promising both energy security and sustainable technology.

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